Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Short Cut Opportunity to more medals

As for this Olympic Games was excellently organized and China obtained 51 gold medals, besides feeling happy, he feels proud being a China citizen but he is disappointed that Liu Xiang pulled out. He can only have hopes for the next Olympic Games in London. He also said: “America won more medals than China in this Olympic Games, I feel that it is a short cut opportunity, hopefully China will obtain more medals than America in the next Olympic Games.” As for the many competitions in the Olympic Games, the most memorable for him while watching it live at the actual place was the male basketball match, Guo Jing Jing and Wu Min Xia who won the 3 meters platform diving, watching it live at the actual place is a rare opportunity. As for the comments on this Olympic Games’ host, he hopes that everyone will understand it as they are not professional commenters. He said: “Reporting the event is a tough job, it is fortunate that I am a host for the two matches which I am familiar with, the rest of the matches I am not familiar with.”

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