Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy being called Mrs. Leung

After arriving at the event, Carina Lau who wore a loose dress was addressed as “Mrs. Leung” by reporters. She smiled and replied that she needs to get used to this address gradually. Carina Lau’s initial plan was to join her husband Tony Leung to Beijing to watch the final round of female volleyball match, but China team failed to enter the championship match, which disappoints her but she praised Brazil for their excellent skills. When asked if she is not going to Beijing, will she be concentrating to get a child instead? She laughed and replied: “Thanks for caring, (Did she have a child successfully and thus she wears a loose dress?) please do not be over-sensitive, I am just interested in India fashion. (Maybe she tried to avoid being discovered that she is pregnant by wearing loose dress?) It is not what you think so, (Fear of being mentioned as narrow-minded?) there is no such thing.” She mentioned that she does not need to ask Faye Wong for help on pregnancy experiences as she has not make any plan for it, allowing it to progress naturally. She also deny when asked if she went to India to pray for a son.

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