Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lollipop new program “哪裡5打 抗”

Channel [V] all new program “哪裡5打 抗” has done its first shooting recently, with its host Owodog, Lil Jay/Brian and A-Wei from the group Lollipop, Apple is leading a show. In addition, Candice Liu is the special guest appearance of this exciting program. Wearing special made astronaut suit, the host assembles students’ with great talents to the show, competing each other based on their fields. The grand prize will be a contract with the respected company and lifetime opportunity to be a part of the ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Blackie’.

Heavy responsibility

With this brand new combination, our five hosts have been feeling a lot pressurized. In order to have a better chemistry sparks, Owodog even plans a breakfast together to divide the roles in the show. The decision was to let Candice grasp the flow, Apple using her sweet voice to handle the participants, Owodog and Ah Wei in charge of keeping the audience’s mood high. In other hands, Lil Jay/Brian holds an important role as to keep Owodog and A-Wei from over-hyperactive activities, resulting the never-ending recording.


Candice Liu also reveals, ‘ I had a stomach ace and diarrhea in the morning due to the stress. The symptoms were more obvious as the time for the shooting grew nearer.’ Besides this, Lil Jay/Brian has also faced an awkward situation. Due to the custom made spacesuits was too tight, the armpit part of the suit had bad friction with his skins, resulting intolerable discomfort. He was afraid that the skin might be infected after the recording. Candice came to his help by providing a armpit pad. Once put on, immediately our Lil Jay/Brian feels all good and ready to go.

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