Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Any Lau, Jacky Chan, Karen Mok and others sing “Please Stay, Faraway Visitors” at Olympic Games closing ceremony

It was the Olympic Games closing ceremony 2 nights ago, Any Lau, Jacky Chan, Karen Mok and others were invited to sing “Please Stay, Faraway Visitors” and celebrate with the athletics from the whole world.

At 24th August in the afternoon, the artists gathered at a specific venue for a security checkup. At that moment, England football star David Beckham and the rest of the team were there for the security checkup too. The artists were very excited seeing David Beckham. When they all reached the “Bird Nest” for rehearsal, director Zhang Yimou came and thanked everyone for their support. When Director Zhang saw Andy Lau, he hugged him. Andy Lau then congratulates Director Zhang for his successful Olympic Games opening ceremony.

When he discovered that part where he sings, athletics from the whole world will celebrate around the stage, Andy Lau expects to see a scene of “moving Great Wall of China” by the crowd around the stage but he did not see it. The closing ceremony was a celebrating huge party, the artists at the stage sung with high spirits. Karen Mok almost accidentally fall from the stage, fortunately Andy Lau managed to get hold of her and pull her up. Walking towards backstage, Karen Mok was still shocked, she told Andy Lau: “I am really shocked, thank you for saving me.” When Karen Mok removed her socks, she discovered that there is blood clot at her calf and her other leg was bleeding. Andy Lau helped her to apply antiseptic and requested for ice from the workers, which he also put it on for her.

Actors obtaining autographs

When the performance was nearing the end, the actors below the stage rushed towards Andy Lau when they saw him. Everyone wanted to kiss Andy Lau and someone hugged him, refusing to let go. What surprised Andy Lau was that everyone brought cameras, pens and they requested autographs and photos taking from Andy Lau. An actor who wore traditional head set wanted to take a picture with Andy Lau but he hit him while he moved his head backwards, causing Andy Lau’s bone around the eyebrow to swell.

As for Beijing Olympic Games closing ceremony, Andy Lau was touched by it. The closing ceremony does not have many great spectacular scenes comparing to the opening ceremony but it is still related to the main topic “human”, especially when a stunt actor climbed up the tall tower set up on the stage to form the Chinese word “Jing” and the spectacular and beautiful “Yang Yun Tree” all dazzled Andy Lau. He mentioned: “I am really touched.”

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