Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Louis Ku fears when stuntman got hurt

Louis Ku has not drive for 8 years, he expresses that there is no special reason for it, it is just that he does not feel like driving after waking up at one day. When asked if he feels like driving after the movie making is done, he smiled and replied: “I fear, a stuntman was hurt while grabbing the back of the car. The arm was hurt badly till it shows the bone.” Louis Ku also mentioned that he speeds and luckily no accident happened. He said: “It takes 7 minutes from The Shaw Brothers Studio back to Ho Man Tin, that was ten years ago.”

Barbie Hsu flew from Taiwan to Hong Kong yesterday. As the “parrot” attacked, this delayed her flight for 2 and a half hour. She said: “When I left home, I makeup in the car, and while getting the luggage after getting out of the plane, I styled my hair. When I was halfway through styling my eyebrows, someone requested to take a photo with me, which was an embarrass situation. I am really sorry, after getting my luggage, I need to take my clothes to the washroom to dry them.” Barbie Hsu and Louis Ku have only one day of chance acting together, she laughed and said that Louis Ku is the most unfamiliar partner with her and this feels strange. Hsu Xidi has gave birth to her second baby and Barbie Hsu said: “I am really happy as I care for children most of the days and thus I became super nanny. (Does she want to give birth to one too?) I do not want to give birth right now, I was there when both of my sisters gave birth, gave birth naturally and operation, I saw them three times, it was really horrible! I do not fear blood, maybe I am worried about them and thus I accompany them.”

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