Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Louis Ku presented his new book “Toys Battle”

“Connected” movie preview was held yesterday at Tsuen Wan Plaza. Actors and actresses such as Louis Koo, Barbie Hsu, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Chan Ka Lok attended this preview to promote this movie. The three actors presented their gifts to Barbie Hsu, Louis Ku presented his new book, titled “Toys Battle”, Nick Cheung presented baby products to Barbie Hsu to be handed over to her sister while Ka Lok presented moon cakes.

Louis Ku and Barbie Hsu only met once while making this movie till now, thus they look unfamiliar to each others. Louis Ku said: “The movie was made with Barbie Hsu in it first and I follow up acting in it after observing Barbie Hsu.” Louis Ku was involved in a scene with car racing while using a mobile phone, when asked if a body double was used, he replied: “Not necessary, a body double is needed when jumping off the stage, I do not feel that it is dangerous but the cameraman in the car is shocked and mentioned that I drove too fast.” When asked if he bought huge amount of insurance, he replied: “The movie company has bought thousands and millions of insurance and I have bought insurance personally too, so it is not necessary to purchase additional huge amount of insurance.”

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