Sunday, August 31, 2008

Miss Hong Kong's Edelweiss Cheung

Samantha Ko often used several attempts to get attention while competing in Miss Hong Kong. Yesterday Miss Hong Kong's Edelweiss Cheung. Skye Chan, Sire Ma, Samantha Ko and hosts Sharon Luk and Yoyo Chen went to Malaysia to film a charity travel programme. Edelweiss had a stomach upset and only filmed for a short while. She returned back to the hotel afterwards. She said "Actually there wasn't a big problem, I rarely have a upset stomach. But to be honest I was not required to go on any amusement rides because I don't have the courage to."

Not sure if it was because Edelweiss had given up on challenging herself that Samantha started to grab attention again. When she was competing in Miss Hong Kong and filming oversea's their were several occassions where she attempted to appear weak. This time, before the rollercoaster had even started she appeared to have tears in her eyes. But after she had finished the ride, she appeared even more scared and started crying in front of the paparazzi's. Yoyo and Skye had to encourage her. Samatha said "This time was different because I had to lie on my stomach so I was very scared."

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