Sunday, August 31, 2008

Four Seasons Hotel for a fashion show

Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and William Chan appeared at Four Seasons Hotel for a fashion show. Myolie was sponsored to wear a very revealing dress for the event and it was quite shocking. During the event Ah Sa passed by and said "Wah, It's really outstanding". Kate joked that she said "Wah" straight away when she saw Myolie's dress and her heart was beating fast. She also wanted to volunteer in being Myolie bodyguard. The report said Kate had lost out, she replied "I have always lost out, I don't have much to show off". Asked whether Kate had guts to wear such a dress? "I think my parents would be quite worried and I would feel insecure. Sorry, I only envy others and like to see others wear that type of outfit. Kate expressed that the most she could do was reveal her back and waist. When the reporter mentioned that she wore a bikini in the series "Moonlight Resonance" she said that was her limit. Also it took alot of mental courage. Before she filmed that scene she had to adjust her diet in order to get a more toned figure.

Afraid of exposing herself

Myolie who wore a revealing dress stole the limelight and all eyes were on her. The paparazzi's complimented her for being so brave. Myolie also claimed that this was the most revealing outfit she had worn since entering the industry. But she liked the outfit because it made her look very tall and thin. She was worried she would expose herself and she joked that she couldn't move her upper body. She stated that she personally likes to be natural and she is giving off a sexy image. When the reporter said she had stole the limelight, she replied by saying it was just only average, nothing special. "At first I only saw photos of the outfit and was worried it would be too much in daylight." Asked if she had looked in the mirror before going out? "I had looked Up, down, left and right, almost everywhere. I didn't ask my parents if they felt it was okay to wear such an sexy outfit." Myolie had alot of compliments for appearing sexy, asked if she will decide to follow the sexy girl image? "The company doesn't need to use me, there are many pretty girls in the company. I prefer to look tomboyish more."

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