Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Miss Macao" held in Macau

"Miss Macao" held in Macau yesterday's election campaign, Lvhui Yi (Koni), Mandy Cho (Mandy), Zhou Xin and the United States this year's three Gangjie Zhang Shu Ya, Mrs Yang, Marseille and so on-to Macao for the beauty inside an aircraft hangar. However, when the event Gangjie O sister, the average quality of the Australian sister was Bixia Qu. Deep V Lvhui Yi yesterday wearing short skirts present, a sexy, successful Qiangjing. Australia snatched the alleged sister thunder, she said she would not, that Australia sister Jia Lu buck has to wear skirts. In beauty, she praised Sino-Portuguese mixed Commissioner Anna shape enough sharp, and Wu Jia Yue is a good cute, as Zikui said.

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