Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beijing Olympics opening ceremony of the Global Head testator

Beijing Olympics opening ceremony of the Global Head testator, TVB and ATV broadcast live throughout the evening, two ratings soared fun. Two sets of yesterday's celebration party will be held together, although wireless absorbed 2.6 million viewers, more in the opening ceremony of the previous highest ratings, averaging 32 points, a maximum of 42 points. However, only to send the banner of the public, less than 6.5 points for viewing the ATV Kuo Chao, several ATV Olympics was presided over yesterday's shark's fin and bird's nest into high-level goal for the end.

Wireless ideal viewing the opening ceremony, broadcast live over the past few days has also been made in the Olympic tournament ratings success. One Saturday the prime time ratings will be 23 o'clock, the Sunday ratings have more than 25 points. The night before last Mei Nanzi basketball player in the World War II, was originally only broadcast in HD Taiwan, calls received after many viewers called Jade player, wireless broadcast live on TVB-Jade comply with public opinion in the tournament, night news must give way.

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