Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nam Gyu-Ri promoting Kim Bum movie GoSa

Nam Gyu-Ri (23), who is promoting her movie GoSa by going to cinemas and personally greeting guests apparently declared that “Wherever there are fans, I will go.” Upon hearing that noona was going to Jeju-do, Kim Bum (19) personally called his agency and said that “I have to go to Jeju-do to greet guests, too.” Guess he didn’t want to miss a chance to spend some time with an older woman who already admitted that he was her type of guy in Korea’s no.1 honeymoon spot.

The two supposed lovebirds flew to Jeju-do (that was an unintentional pun) on the 24th, where the Kim Bum added, “I definitely want to greet people who come to watch our movie, GoSa, even if there’s only one guest. I’ll stand on stage with Gyu-Ri noona.”

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