Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Album from Jill

Jill has been on a diet and keeping fit. She has successfully lost 15 pounds in weight. Now she can afford to wear sexy clothes. She revealed when she was fat, she felt sick. Jill has been going to the gym twice a week. She also goes jogging to keep fit. Jill finds it difficult to get rid of the fat in her upper arm. Even though Jill has lost weight, her chest is fine. She would not want to have plastic surgery for beast enlargement though.

Asked if Leon noticed her changes, Jill said "he and the others said the photos are good. Everybody is happy. (Does Janice envy you?) No, she is busy try to lose weight too. We have our meals at home and we don't eat a lot of snacks. I know how to control myself. I don't need dieting."

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