Friday, August 15, 2008

S.H.E Encountered Jackie Chan & Family At the Olympics

S.H.E were invited to the Olympic Opening Ceremony and encountered superstar Jackie Chan there. They even saw the family of Jackie, Joan Lin and Jaycee Chan warmly watching the Olympics in the VIP section that was reserved for Jackie Chan. Chris Rock who co-starred with Jackie Chan in the [Rush Hour] movies was also present. When he saw S.H.E, he even asked: [Is one of you Jaycee’s girlfriend?] To which the trio quickly denied and clarified: [No no, we are not!]

S.H.E discovered that Jackie Chan had brought a professional caliber camera to take pictures of the Opening Ceremony. The trio was stunned to see the super large zoom lens. [Our fists were not even as big as this lens!] In comparison to their little point-and-shoot camera, Jackie said directly to them: [Why don’t I chose a couple of the good pictures I took and mail them to you.] The trio was overjoyed and exclaimed that Jackie Chan was just too nice. After the Opening Ceremony ended, Jackie Chan also demonstrated the manner of a super star and invite S.H.E & their family members to join him for a meal. During the meal, Selina’s parents had most affinity with Joan Lin in talking about their respective children. At the scene, there were even Karaoke equipments. Jackie Chan immediately requested S.H.E to sing their signature song {Chinese Words}. As the trio performed enthusiastically, they discovered that Jackie Chan had sang along with them the entire song. After they returned to Taiwan, the trio bragged to everyone that: [Jackie Chan is really good singing {Chinese Words}.] .

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