Saturday, August 30, 2008

Niki took time out to film "Light" MV and TVB's new drama "KOP"

Niki has been extremely busy recently. Besides filming for TVB's new drama "KOP", she's also preparing for her album which is coming out at the end of September. Last week, she took time out to film "Light" MV and revealed that she's quite nervous about her album. "It's been almost 1.5 years since my last album, so I'm quite nervous. I'm really glad that I could work with so many top lyricist and composer, such as Khalil Fong composing for Light."
When Niki was filming the MV, the director required her to film it like she was filming an ad for woman's sanitary napkins to emphasize the topic, light. Niki said "I really like watching those ads. I think it gives audience a really happy and comfortable feeling, sort of like my personality as well". Also, this Saturday is Niki's birthday, she revealed that she will holds a fans gathering, just like in past years. Unfortunately she will be working on the actual day and hopes that she will have time to celebrate with family.

In reply to some fans thinking that the song is a bit perverted, Niki replied that it's only about a couple being lovey dovey and not to think too much.

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