Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ryu Si-won solo concert at the Tokyo Dome on Christmas Eve.

Singer-actor Ryu Si-won and hip-hop group Epik High will visit the Japanese market through separate performances.

Ryu, 36, will hold a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome on Christmas Eve.

``The Tokyo Dome is a difficult place for even Japanese artists to perform. Considering the size, budget and the season, Ryu's concert holds great meaning,'' Ryu's agency R's Company announced Tuesday.

Ryu is the second Korean singer to perform solo at the Tokyo Dome, following Rain last year.

The singer in June began an 18-city tour of Japan. Performing in 30 concerts over the past two months, he will finish his long journey at Tokyo's Budokan with a three-day concert ending Friday. The first hallyu star to perform for three consecutive days in the city, Ryu will also release his eighth album in Japan in October and hold a birthday party and fan meeting in Seoul Oct. 5.

Korean hip-hop group Epik High will also perform at the Yokohama BLITZ!, Saturday and Sunday.

Comprised of Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, the group will hold a joint show with Korean balladeer Tei, who has steadily garnered a Japanese fan base.

This weekend's performance will mark the group's first formal encounter with their Japanese fans.

Epik High was voted the ''most desired group to see in a live performance" on the Japanese Web Site ``Mixi,'' according to the group's manager Woolim Entertainment.

``We hope this upcoming performance will start a continuous relationship between Epik High and its Japanese fans," Woolim said.

The group performed in Thailand early this month to an overwhelmingly positive reception.

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