Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ella and male model Kagami Tomohisa became doggie in-laws.

Ella with her newborn 'grandson' , Tie Dan .

Four months ago, Ella and male model Kagami Tomohisa became doggie in-laws. Kagami Tomohisa’s red Toy Poodle [Peony] was very fertile and earlier gave birth to three little red Toy Poodle puppies. This added a new member for Ella’s home when she excitedly brought back little [Tie Dan], the last pup to be wean off mother’s milk. Yesterday she laughed: [Tie Dan is really too adorable. Perhaps it was because he was not used to being wean off milk yet so he kept rushing up to his father Ah Gui and bit his {family jewel}. The pain caused Ah Gui to turn around and ferociously bites at little Tie Dan. His expression was really funny.]

The relationship between S.H.E has always been very strong. Even the dogs that they have as pets are of the same lineage. It all started with Selina’s beloved pet Pinky giving birth to three puppies. They each kept one of the puppies to symbolize the never-changing and continuation of their friendship throughout the generations. Sure enough, this thoughtful intention of Selina slowly blossomed and bore fruit. Ah Gui, the male pup chosen by Ella in the beginning [hooked up] with Peony, the red Toy Poodle of male model Kagami Tomohisa four months ago. Recently Peony gave birth to three pups. Ella was extremely thrilled. She laid claims to one of the male pup and named him [Tie Dan].

Tie Dan has an innocent look about him and according to Ella’s description, his dark eyes seem slightly cross-eyed yet also slightly slanting and he is super adorable. When he was brought home, his doggie papa was not happy at all and in fact, was a bit sulky about it. She laughed: [Because Tie Dan is too active, jumping and running all over every day. Furthermore, he is probably still not used to being weaned off milk yet. Every time he sees Ah Gui he would rush up to him and ferociously bite on his father’s...(birdie). The pain would cause Ah Gui to get angry and ferociously bites him back. The way these two dogs interacted is just too funny.]

When little Tie Dan returned to Ella’s home in accordance to his heritage, as soon as dog-lover Hebe heard the news, she immediately rushed over to Ella’s place to visit and was teased by Ella [One would think that the dog is yours]. However, Selina, the real [ancestor], was busy that day and thus far, still had not have a chance to see the cute and naughty ways of her [great-grandson]. Yesterday, the trio gathered at the recording company to try out new looks and styles for the upcoming new album. [Tie Dan] was the main focus of their conversation topic. However, because of their desire to present only the best, the release date of their new album kept being delayed. The earliest release date would most likely be the end of the September and they hoped that their fans will understand.

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