Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stephanie Cheng attended “Battle of Million Superstars”

Stephanie Cheng attended “Battle of Million Superstars” game show yesterday and there was a female fan who looks alike to her. Stephanie Cheng jokingly commented that the female fan looks like herself when she didn’t apply makeup. Even Eunix Lee was being said to look similar to Stephanie Cheng, which Stephanie Cheng agrees but Eunix Lee currently has a short hair style, which does not look alike to Stephanie Cheng now.

Stephanie Cheng had jokingly mentioned that she will change to a short hair style, in which gave a shock to Eunix Lee, who immediately disagree as she has just gone the hard way to avoid looking alike to Stephanie Cheng. Stephanie Cheng had held a barbeque party with her fans at Sai Kung town and she realized many of her fans will further study overseas, leaving her emotionally wanted to scream out loud. She immediately looks towards the sea to calm her emotion to avoid surprising her fans.

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