Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bernice never saw such a big crab!

Attracted many people who passed by as well as fans! It took Bernice 45 minutes to put on the kimono and it wasn't just her! She had three skilled Japanese workers helping her put the kimono on, layer by layer. "This is the first time it took me so long to dress up!" said Bernice. "Whenever I had to practice scenes for a series and/or practice takes for traveling shows, I never had to wear anything like it. In total there were four layers and the kimono as a whole was very heavy to wear. When I get married in the future, I definitely will not consider wearing a kimono!"

She indicated that while she was wearing a kimono she had to sit slightly sideways and while she was walking she had to take small step and with each step her feet had to point slanted inward (it looks like this / \, translated literally from Chinese its called "eight character feet"). However, when she saw a big bowl of Japanese food she was extremely happy. She was shocked to see such a big long foot drab and while smiling she said "I never saw such a big crab!"

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