Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Taegukgi" is directing a new drama titled "Iris"

The director of the movie "Taegukgi" is directing a new drama titled "Iris".

This action drama's production cost was very high filmed in China, Russia, Japan, U.S, and other foreign countries raising expectations for the audience.

Main character are Lee Byeong-Heon who was recently in the movie "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyeon), rapper for Big Bang. Lee will be National Security Secret Agent Kim Hyeon-joon and T.O.P will be a skilled murderer from an underground gang, Iris in the U.S.

The two are known to be body-building for the action scenes.

This drama which contains 20 episodes will be in the beginning of next year and will start filming on October.

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