Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dancing behind Cool as backdancers

MC Mong revealed recently, “Before debut, I used to dance as back dancers for Cool in clubs.”

He revealed the surprising piece of his past on his radio show on SBS Power FM on 19th August, “I should put all these behind me but I was dancing behind Cool as backdancers before debut.”

“Back then in 1996, I took up many part time jobs here and there to earn money. And I went to JeJu Island with my friends and over there we got the part time job to be Cool’s backdancer which gives us an allowance of 40,000 won for working a week. Even though I couldn’t dance back then, I was taught to memorise all the dance steps - which I did, spending all the late nights memorising them.”

“I practised very hard for the ‘Destiny’ dance, and when Cool finally came to JeJu Island and Jae Hoon hyung saw us dance, he gave me and my friend thumbs-up, saying that it was good.”

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