Thursday, September 25, 2008

2008 EEG Singing Competition

The “2008 EEG Singing Competition” will be held at this Saturday night and the invited performing guests that day include Vincy Chan, , Sherman, William, Keith Wong and lots more attended a press conference yesterday with eight participants of the singing competition. Sherman caught public attention with her hot dance steps and exposing undergarments, imitating Anita Mui in singing “Break the Deep Ng Iceberg”.

As for being in the limelight, Sherman smiled and replied: “This jacket combines with my undergarment, and to avoid looking strange, I did not wear an extra one on, I just put on breast cover. (Are you not worried repeating Yumiko Cheng’s incident?) The dance steps are not that vigorous, and I have pasted on stickers to avoid any unexpected accidents. (Anita Mui’s costume looks sexy, are you willing to do so too?) Talent is needed but if the effect is good, it should not be a problem. I fear if the effect cannot be produced, then making up is important. For example, Anita Mui’s lips are thick, I will need to try singing and making my lips look thicker.” When mentioned about her friend Elanne Kwong who was involved in Daneil Lam’s divorce, Sherman pointed out that Elanne Kwong is a good person and she does not believe that she would fights for other’s husband. When mentioned about Elanne Kwong’s savings which only left two digits, she replied: “She did not tell me, we always share out problems in the past but not recently. Having a friend does not mean always sharing unhappy problems and commenting on other’s matters. Just accompanying chatting and joking with her is enough.”

William lost half in trading shares

William and Sherman will be performing separately that night but William got interested after seeing Sherman’s sexy looks. He wanted to request from the company to perform with Sherman together. William got the chance to dance with Sherman yesterday and he asked Sherman if she touched his important body part. Sherman replied that her back only touched his chest. Besides that, The Bank of East Asia faced some problem yesterday, William admitted that he has a saving account at that bank but since he lost half in trading shares, the account has a six-digit amount left. When asked if the money is for marriage, he replied that his budget for marriage is seven-digits.

Besides that, when Vincy Chan saw the participants, she remembered memories of herself participating in the competition. She remembered that she was still practicing her dance steps the night before the competition and thus her eyes look swollen that day. What was awful was that she forgot her dance steps and she cannot even hear when someone was calling her. It seemed that she has lost her memories. The company which belongs to Deep Ng’s dad has an account at The Bank of East Asia, when Deep Ng received news, he is worried, he just wanted to finish his job and return home to further understand the situation, even helping his father queuing up at the bank does not matter.

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