Friday, September 26, 2008

Louis Koo complains that the Hong Kong government does not cooperate

Louis Koo complains that the Hong Kong government does not cooperate and was unwilling to allow the “Connected” crew film a flying car scene in a busy city district, forcing them to shift filming to the outskirts. The end result was just as good, he says proudly, “We want to let the Hong Kong government see, we could do a good job even though they refused to let us film.”

“Connected” opens in Malaysia on Thursday (25th September), the leads Louis Koo and Barbie Hsu, together with director Benny Chan met with the Malaysian media on Wednesday (24th September), as part of their 10-day whirlwind promotion tour of Asia. Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, the film company was unable to lease a suitable shopping plaza thus there was no premiere or fans meeting session.

Louis Koo had previously worked with Benny Chan in “Rob-B-Hood”, working together this time has increased their chemistry, even in the flying car scene in the movie, Louis had full confidence in the director, he admitted that suffered from some external injuries but it was more important to achieve the desired results. In his speech, he expressed dissatisfaction in the rejection by the Hong Kong government to grain them a permit to film a flying car scene in a busy city district, thus they could only shift filming to the outskirts, luckily the result was just as good, proving that they could do the same without the government’s help. Benny Chan nodded with a smiling, seemingly agreeing with Louis’ view.

There are rumors that Barbie Hsu had brought along 6 luggages of clothes and shoes for this Asian promotion tour. For this press conference she wore a black chiffon dress, and says she had no idea of Malaysia’s weather, and chose this dress after much deliberation. Unexpectedly, Louis Koo remarks, “In Hong Kong, only those going to wedding dinners would wear this!”

Benny Chan: Remakes are harder than the original

“Connected” is a remake of the Hollywood movie “Cellular”, and to exceed the original, director Benny Chan, invested 45million HK dollars on production costs, he says, “It is more strenuous to remake a Western film than an original movie. Because adaptation is very difficult and subconsciously I wanted it to be better than the original, so tried to do the best in every respect possible.”

Louis Koo and Barbie Hsu has only one scene together in the end of the film, lasting for a few minutes, the two of them replied on the telephone to communicate. The director first filmed Barbie’s scenes before filming Louis’ portion. Louis laughs, “Every time before I start, I will watch Barbie’s performance. Several times, the director played Barbie’s role to get me into my role, but I could not image how to act, because the director is a man!”

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