Friday, September 26, 2008

Barbie Hsu was criticized for being too beauty conscious in the kidnapping scene

Barbie ‘teaches’ the kidnappers how to grab hair

Barbie Hsu denies that she is unprofessional, in the kidnapping scene she looks very pretty because by ‘nature’ she is beautiful!

Previously, at the Beijing premiere, Barbie Hsu was criticized for being too beauty conscious in the kidnapping scene, she was not sloppy enough thus lacking in realism. Barbie defends herself, “I did not look beautiful on the set. The set was very dirty, and everyday my eyes, hair, nail and my whole body was filled with sand. I do not understand why everyone says I look very pretty.”

Barbie could not help but lament, “Why are they doing this?” The host answers, “That is because you are very beautiful in the first place”. After hearing this Barbie could not help but beam from ear to ear, “I think that must be the reason!”

However, Barbie has been very precious with her hair, in the scene when the kidnappers pulled her hair, she even “taught” them to grab more, so it does not drop easily.

“The kidnapper was gentle, I taught him to grab more hair to prevent them from dropping, he would apologize every time he pulled my hair. His girlfriend bought my book, so he knows that I love my hair!”

In the film Barbie plays a single-mother with a 6-year-old daughter, she says she bases the feelings of a mother from looking after her sisters children. After watching the whole movie, she says she cannot wait to bring her mother and sister to watch the movie. She says, “It is very exciting, very nice to watch, was so agitated that I wanted to laugh. I cannot rate my acting, but I have gave 100% performance. After watching I feel it is best I have seen recently, it is an exciting yet funny movie.”

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