Friday, September 26, 2008

Wonder Girls’s new mini-album

On the Wonder Girls’s new mini-album, one song in particular is catching everyone’s attention now. Ye Eun’s self-composed song has been included among the track list and sparked much interest among fans.

Among the 9 songs that went into the Wonder Girls’ fourth project album “Nobody”, the song “Saying I Love You” has caught much attention as it was written and composed by Ye Eun (feels great now that it’s confirmed).

“Ye Eun kept on going, studying music composition, and in this album one ballad song was included (composed by her)”, as JYP Entertainment representatives told Star News. “The Wonder Years - Trilogy is an album where the Wonder Girls have put much more heart and soul than at any other time by putting more feeling, composing, etc…. Through this album, they have reached a higher level of maturation with this music and as reborn singer-songwriters.”

On the 22th, the Wonder Girls released their fourth project album’s title song “Nobody” claimed the #1 seat on online music charts in just 3 days displaying its popularity amongst fans and the neutrals in Korea (and the world).

Wonder Girls wil be appearing on KBS 2TV “Music Bank” tonight at 6:30 PM (Korean time) to start their fourth project album’s promotional activities.

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