Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Best Taiwanese drama couple

From a long time ago, Taiwanese dramas have created many classic hit couples, who do you think is dramas’ best couple? And out of the 3 entertainment circles, which male star has the most charm?

From September 1st, 2 polls were created – “Best Taiwanese drama couple” and “Male star you want to marry with the most charm”. Born in 1978, Aska Yang (Yang Zhong Wei) with his beautiful interpretation of love songs and his hot body, fans voted for him as the male star they want to marry with the most charm, totaling 40,409 votes. As for the best Taiwanese drama couple, Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin from “It Started With A Kiss” came out top, with 35,910 votes.

Aska Yang’s love songs have touched many people, and at one time, he showed off his hot body at a swimming pool. Right from the beginning of voting, he had a big lead. Second place went to Huang Xiao Ming, current singing and acting sensation in mainland China, with 25,805 votes. Third place went to F4’s Jerry Yan, with 10,226 votes. The 3 are all no longer young boys, but it is their maturity they bring as young men, that won over many fans.

In the other category, Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin from “It Started With A Kiss” came out top in “Best Taiwanese drama couple” but Wu Zun and Ella Chen from “Hana Kimi” followed closely behind with 25,594 votes. Third place went to Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao in “Prince Turn Into Frog” with 9,118 votes. Fourth place went to Mike He and Rainie Yang in “Devil Beside You” with 7,024 votes and finally, fifth place went to Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan from current hit idol drama “Fated To Love You” with 6,062 votes.

At the moment, http://stars.udn.com is also currently holding a poll titled “2008 Best female/male star”. Current stars going strong are Ethan Ruan, Zhang Yun Jing and Lu Guang Zhong. If you want to vote for your favourite celeb, hurry onto the website and give your idol a vote!

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