Tuesday, September 02, 2008

JJ Lin's MV [Sword Butterfly themesong]

“Ah Sa," Charlene Choi, yesterday evening went to Taiwan, the leading lady who held the post of JJ Lin's MV [Sword Butterfly themesong]. Yesterday, when she quickly arrived in Taiwan she met up with Wu Zun to eat Japanese food.

Before filming, , Wu Zun and Charlene were having rumors. Yesterday, when Charlene arrived in Taiwan, she quickly went to see Wu zun, the two people went out for Japanese together, and chatted very happliy.

After eating, Ah Sa was admitted to the hotel. Perhaps, Ah Sa rarely come to Taiwan, her mood appeared very good. She went out of the hotel after registering and prepared to ride the taxi. She also went for a walk while blowing her nose. Because Ah Sa didn't have to work yesterday, she put on a pair of ultra short and cruise through the National People's Congress while eating ice cream.

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