Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cute Princess Rainie Yang and Neighborhood girl Ariel Lin

Cute Princess Rainie Yang and Neighborhood girl Ariel Lin was just rumoured of fighting GTV top sister’s throne and now it is rumoured that their good relations has already turned cold and they are like strangers. The reason is because Rainie tells other people like Ariel copies her bangs, Ariel’s manager admits ‘I heard of this rumour before, it is a fact that the two of them aren’t contacting that much recently.’ Rainie screams ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ yesterday.

Rainie and Ariel got to know each other through Hsu WeiLun years back, both of them grow up in single parent family and both carries debt for their mother, they have the same topic, and they have their grounds in their careers but they never worked together before. Their good relations were so good that they even thought of becoming neighbors, there’s a rumour spreading recently that the two of them already has a problem and the leading cause was Rainie told their common friend bad things about Ariel, while Ariel doesn’t say back, causing herself to be hurt.

Ariel is busy with GTV’s Love or Bread, whether the two of them has become enemies, Ariel’s manger says ‘I never heard Ariel talking about this but most of her friends are indeed not from the ebiz. It should be okay when Rainie came to visit her at work.’

Rainie who was acused of badmouthing Ariel screams ‘ IMPOSSIBLE! I didn’t say such things, this is really very boring and ridiculous!’ She says everyone has their own bang styles and her relationship with Ariel ‘has always been very good’, it is some people who wants to break the good relationship.

Rainie and Show attended the Mcdonalds endorsement yesterday and she only manages to sleep 3 hours a day causing her menses to be late.

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