Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hong Kong’s Queen of Canto Pop at Genting Arena of Stars

Hong Kong’s Queen of Canto Pop will enthral her fans at Genting Arena of Stars this weekend.

Fans of Sammi Cheng will be glad to know that the Hong Kong singer-actress is back for another two-night performance with popular hits and great showmanship.

Almost a year after her Show Mi Live in Genting, she will rock the stage again at Genting Arena of Stars.

“I am in the midst of preparing for the concert. I’m exercising, building up my stamina and practising my songs.

“I hope I’ll be more fit and slimmer by the time of the concert,” said Hong Kong’s Queen of Canto Pop during a phone interview recently.

So what can fans expect from the concert?

“It would be quite similar to last year’s show. There would not be any changes except for the rundown and some of the songs. Hence, the theme ‘Show Mi Again Live in Genting’.”

However, fans can look forward to Cheng’s new song. “I’ve written a new song and I hope it will be ready for the concert.”

She also revealed that fellow Hong Kong singer Wilfred Lau Hou Long will be the guest artiste.

“We’ll be having a duet and he’ll also be performing his new songs.”

When asked why her concert outfits nowadays are simpler than the flamboyant costumes in previous concerts, she said: “At different phases, there are different needs and they need to suit the songs and performances. It won’t be anything new if I were to wear the same (flamboyant) costumes. I hope there will be new costumes this time around.”

Why is she back for another concert just after the one last year?

“The response was so good last year and I was very happy with it so I agreed to do it again this year when the organisers asked me,” she replied.

Her fans would have to wait longer for a new album though as Cheng will not be releasing one too soon.

“I’m currently doing more singles. There’s less pressure to produce singles and it is more in tune with my current lifestyle.”

She said her new movie, Lady Cop and Papa Crook, will be in cinemas next month.

On her new project: “I’m looking at scripts now and having discussions with the director but even if I were to start filming now, the beginning of next year is the earliest I can have a new movie out.

“I’m not in too much of a hurry for a new movie. I’m used to the waiting game,” she said.

On her love life: “There are no suitors right now. I didn’t notice any, I’ll tell you if I do,” she said with a laugh.

In a recent radio interview, Cheng revealed that she would like to have a family.

“Yes, but it’s just plain yearning. God will lead me to it. I am enjoying my singlehood. When I have my own family, I’ll have to handle more responsibilities.”

Asked if she envies fellow Hong Kong actress/singer Kelly Chen who is about to wed, she replied: “I sincerely wish her all the best in her marriage. I also wish married couples well and I envy those with blissful marriages.

“Looking at my sister’s marriage, I feel that there’s a sweet side to marriage.”

On her future plans, she said that with the rapid changes in the world, it’s hard to know what’s coming next.

“Previously, I used to think of what will happen in the future. Now, I only plan for the upcoming month or two,” she said.

Up next is her plan to travel to Inner Mongolia for World Vision, a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty.

Catch Show Mi Again Live in Genting on Sept 26 and 27 at 8pm. Tickets are priced at RM80, RM140, RM200, RM270 and RM370 for the Sept 26 show, and be RM90, RM160, RM240, RM320 and RM430 for the Sept 27 show. The first 1,000 early birds are entitled to a 20% discount (except VIP tickets). For reservations and enquiries, call 03-27181118 or visit www.genting.com.my.

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