Saturday, September 27, 2008

Elanne attended a public event

Elanne Kong is reported being the third party and ruining her boss Lam Siu Ming and his wife's marriage. Although Elanne has denied the reports many times, she was seen crying while doing a magazine interview earlier. Yesterday she once again made it clear that she was not the third party and couldn't stop crying.

Afterwards Elanne attended a public event and was asked about the matters. She started to cry again and denied the reports. She stressed that she had never done anything to harm Mrs Lam. If she could clear her name she certainly doesn't mind confronting Mrs Lam face to face and also doesn't mind cancelling her contract to prove her innocence.

Will confront Mrs Lam face to face to clear her name

When Elanne heard the reporter asking about her meeting up with Mrs Lam earlier, her eyes appeared very red. She admitted that she had seen Mrs Lam in the company. During that time they never argued. But Mrs Lam appeared very upset. Elanne expressed that she explained to her that she was innocent and it was a misunderstanding. (Was it the third party misunderstanding?) "I have responded many times, I am not the third party, from the first day of the reports till now, I have never ever done anything bad to her. She said she didn't care as many people have told her things. I don't know why the reports started off saying there were financial problems and now turning out like this." (How did Mrs Lam react?) "I was just talking about my own personal feelings to her". (Will you confront her face to face?) "The matters have got to this stage, if this is the way to clear my name I will not be afraid. I have done nothing wrong, that day I cried and she scolded me but did not use the words (Wu lei Jing - Third Party)".

Elanne also claimed that someone scolded her in the street calling her "Wu lei Jing, stealing people's husbands". This had made her have thoughts about leaving the entertainment circle to prove her innocence. She said "I have to get married in the future, this incident has caused alot of problems for me and my family". Mrs Lam also claimed that Elanne knew all along what was going on, asked if Elanne knew what she was talking about? "I don't know, I really haven't done anything". (Mr Lam is going to sue the magazine company?) "I have heard about that but I don't know much about the Management matters. I do not have Mr Lam's phone number and have never met up with him alone".

Asked whether Elanne would cancel her contract earlier so she doesn't have to be involved in the incident? Elanne had tears pouring out and said "I really like this job". (Mrs Lam has said you are just dreaming to be a star) "I respect my work". (Will you cancel your contract earlier?) "If it gets to that stage and it can prove my innocence I won't mind. I currently have a 10 year contract with my company".

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