Saturday, September 27, 2008

The movie “Painted Skin” premieres two nights

The movie “Painted Skin” premieres two nights ago at Hong Kong, the casts who attended includes Vicky Zhao, Sun Li, Qi Yu Wu, Donnie Yen and Director Gordon Chan while Leading Male Actor Aloys Chan and Leading Female Actress Zhou Xun were absent but Zhou Xun has made a short clip which was shown at the venue and there was also a “Face Changing” Chinese Traditional performance. The invited guests who attended includes Dayo Wong, Law Lan, Stephanie Wang, Kenneth Tsang Kong husband and wife, Dominic Lam husband and wife and Stephen Au husband and wife. The venue was bustling with noise and excitement.

Vicky Zhao arrived at Hong Kong from Guangzhou by car two days ago. She admitted that she has never seen sandstorm and this is the first time seeing typhoon. When mentioned about the incident while she was promoting in Shanghai, she denied and replied: “No, I am just not replying questions about my personal relationship as I think it is absurd and it will affect my work.” The rumor about Vicky Zhao and China table tennis player Wang Li Kin has spread for some time but a recent rumor stated that the parents of Wang Li Kin do not accept Vicky Zhao. Upon hearing that, Vicky Zhao replied: “I do not want to mention it, it is not what everyone thinks so. (Did you and Wang Li Kin recover as a couple previously?) I do not want to reply. (So how is your relationship life?) My life is going well. (Do you think that these rumors cause troubles?) It is alright, I know that everyone is curious, I do not care about these rumors and I will be angry about it, it will not affect my emotion.” She admitted that she does not want to talk about her personal relationship as she do not want to affect her work performance.

Faye Wong is alright

As for her friend, Faye Wong who has a miscarriage, when asked if she has comforted her, she replied: “I don’t think it is necessary, she is alright.” Besides that, Vicky Zhao will be promoting the movie “Painting” at Korea around the beginning of October. When asked if she hope to get an award for her movie, she smiled and replied: “I do not dare to think about it, I have mentioned it earlier several times, do not want to think about it. (But why the movie was submitted to the Oscar?) Hopefully there is a good result as this movie represents Hong Kong as a participant, this proves that the citizens of Hong Kong love this movie.” Vicky Zhao has returned to Beijing yesterday and will continue producing new records which estimated will be released around end of the year.

Besides that, this is Sun Li’s third movie and her first attempt in an action fighting movie, she is fortunate as Donnie Yen taught her a lot and she is thankful for not getting hurt. Sun Li thinks that Vicky Zhao and Zhou Xun’s appearance are great but the appearance of herself looks ugly. She replied: “This is for the needs of the character, I do not mind. (Any pressure facing senior Zhou Xun?) No, we are good friends.”

Sun Li having good luck every birthday

Today is Sun Li’s birthday, she expressed that she will be having good luck whenever it is her birthday except for the year when she was born. The birthday after her second year entering her entertainment career, she got the chance to participate in a drama series while for last year’s birthday, she got a prize. As for this year’s birthday, the movie which she participated in is ready to be released. As a dog-loving person, Sun Li will attend a “Protect Stray Dogs” picture exhibition after returning to Beijing. Amongst the pictures, there are 40 pictures contributed by her. She will also release a book about dog “Bring Me Home”.

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