Monday, September 01, 2008

Esther Kwan, Maggie Cheung and Flora Chan at skincare product SK-II

Esther Kwan, Maggie Cheung and Flora Chan did a promotional photoshoot for the skincare product SK-II. During the photoshoot they shared their knowledge about skincare with each other. Esther and Flora who have both become mother's also shared child care tips. Esther claimed that her daughter Brittany is everything to her and she will stop performing in order to be a good mother. She is also worried that her husband Nick Cheung would be jealous and she often has to remind herself she also has to take in account her his feelings. She smiles and says Women are Happy fruits. When she is with her daughter she will laugh non stop and because she has been laughing alot she noticed many smile lines. Now she has to protect and take care of her skin.

Flora Chan stated that life has many different stages, after love and career now she is focusing on her family. To raise her daughter is her main focus and she had sacrificed many things and the time to go to the gym.

Maggie Cheung is deeply in love and she is also challenging herself again in her entertainment career. She has changed her focus mainly on hosting. She feels that this type of work is different to acting in a TV series because hosting work needs her to be well prepared.

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