Monday, September 01, 2008

Harbour City's Kids IN Style Fashion Show

Ella Koon and Toby Leung attended "Harbour City's Kids IN Style Fashion Show" in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday. Both of them had previously been rumored with Ron Ng but they both appeared very close and were often joking with each other. There was no awkwardness. They were arranged to hold baby twins while walking the catwalk. Ella smiles and says that when she see's Toby she will not feel awkward. "We will occasionally contact each other, a few days ago Toby phoned me and asked if I wanted to have a manicure." Asked whether Toby had replaced her for the rumors with Ron Ng? Ella laughs "I didn't mean it like that, perhaps girls who are in love will want to look better than usual."

Toby stressed that she was not dating anyone and didn't know if Ella was dating Ron. "I am good friends with Ron, we will greet each other when we meet. Also I often talk to Ella about the type of guys she likes but we like different types." Toby stated that she liked the mature guys such as Bobby Au Yeung and definitely not the handsome type.

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