Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hong Kong hunk Louis Koo

DON'T call me a hero. Hong Kong hunk Louis Koo kept emphasising this during the press conference for his new film Connected. He plays an ordinary chap who gets an anonymous call from a distressed woman and decides to help her.

His character, a debt collector who can barely make ends meet, ends up chasing after baddies, hijacking expensive cars and even attempting armed robbery to help save the woman's daughter and younger brother. It is certainly heroic behaviour by any standards, but Louis felt that all his character wants to do is help another.

In real life, the 37-year-old heart-throb would also rather be a 'nameless hero'. 'Maybe it's because I'm more low-profile, and I don't like the idea of doing something and then telling people about it or getting some reward in return. 'What I respect more are the unsung heroes who do good without expecting anything in return.'

One may assume it is hard for a household name like him to do anything without being recognised, but Louis said he has found ways to contribute to charity anonymously.

Don't call him for help

But if he gets an SOS call like his character did in the movie, he would hesitate to help. Even if the call comes from his Connected co-star Barbie Hsu. 'I'm not a hero, I can't take on so many people in a fight. So if anyone calls for help, I'd refer him to the police. 'What's more, who knows if it's really Barbie on the phone?' he quipped.

Not that he is so easily contactable though. Louis claims that he owns a mobile phone but rarely switches it on. Even if he does, he rarely answers if it rings.

The best way to get him is to call his home - his sanctuary when he is not busy filming. He said he would be watching all kinds of movies from all over the world, writing his blog or shopping online.

But when he is filming, Louis is known to be a daredevil who executes his own stunts. The most challenging scene for him in Connected is one whereby he has to jump out of a car that hangs precariously on the edge of a cliff. He could have opted for a stunt double, but Louis felt the latter would have done it 'too professionally'. So Louis bit the bullet and did it himself, albeit with his heart racing .

When asked if there was anything he would not do in the name of art, he said: 'Swimming nude.'

Why not, when he obviously has a good body to flaunt? Shaking his head, he added: 'No, no, I'm not too good at swimming and I haven't swam in a long time.'

Well, maybe that can be his next challenge on screen?

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