Thursday, September 25, 2008

Upcoming movie Sa-kwa

The 24th was press preview day for the cast of upcoming movie Sa-kwa [사과, which could mean apple or apology], and while this doesn’t necessarily look like my cup of tea, I do like the actors involved: Moon Sori (Legend), Lee Seon-kyun (White Tower), and Kim Tae-woo (Woman on the Beach).

In the film, directed by Kang Yi-kwan (A Smile), Moon Sori’s character is dumped by Lee Seon-kyun after seven years. She then marries Kim Tae-woo’s character, who’d long had feelings for her, but is confronted with doubt and worry when her first love returns.

The movie finally hits theaters after two years; since starting on the film in December 2006, Moon Sori has since married (to movie director Jang Joon-hwan). She joked, “Before I got married, I’d played mothers in a lot of roles, but now that I’m married, here comes my movie where I play a single woman.”

She also shared an anecdote about watching the film at the Pusan Film Festival with her then-fiancé, who’d turned to her afterward and said, “Marriage is starting to seem scary. It seems a lot more difficult and frightening than I’d thought.” (At least he wasn’t scared off completely.)

The movie releases October 16.

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