Monday, September 22, 2008

Kevin Cheng Becomes Charmaine Sheh’s New Boyfriend

Kevin Cheng Becomes Charmaine Sheh’s Tenth Boyfriend

Charmaine Sheh was said to be the third party who came between Kevin Cheng & Niki Chow’s 5 year relationship. Niki had silently supported Kevin for 5 years, but now she ended up without nothing, spending her days crying at home. Charmaine, the winner, was seen at Causeway Bay shopping in the Men’s Department buying a sweater for her new boyfriend, she seemed very pleased and was laughing happily. During her trip, she sent many text messages and talked on her mobile, her body language revealed that she was in love.

Flirting queen Charmaine Sheh captures her tenth men

Charmaine, who has had rumours with almost every male actor at TVB, can add a new name to her list. After dumping Ron, Charmaine turned her interest to TV King Kevin Cheng. Charmaine & Kevin’s romance started during the filming of “Forensic Heroes 2”. At the time, Niki was filming a series in mainland, hence Kevin and Niki drifted apart due to the distance.

During mid year, Kevin & Charmaine met again for "Forensic Heroes 2" promotions, this created more opportunities for the two. After Charmaine finished filming her new series, she took a two-months leave. During her holidays, Charmaine kept inviting Kevin out to the ‘Button’ nightclub. An onlooker commented “Many people from the entertainment circle likes to hang out at ‘Button’, once I saw Charmaine and Kevin drinking and playing games together, every time Charmaine loses a game, she would whine, what kind of man could resist her flirting?"

Charmaine’s Previous 9 Captives

During the 11 years Charmaine has been in the industry, she has used her flirting skills and beauty to capture many actors’ hearts, earning her the nickname “Flirt Sheh”.

Michael Miu

Last year, Michael presented Charmaine with 99 roses at her birthday party. The two had met during the filming of “Drive of Life”, Charmaine kept flirting with Michael despite the fact that he was already married, but luckily Michael came to his senses.

Ron Ng

In 2006, Charmaine & Ron collaborated for “Drive of Life”, the two would often go to nightclubs together. In May this year, it was reported that Charmaine bought a watch worth $200,000 and a Porsche sports car valued at $2 million for Ron. Ron was accused of "eating soft rice" (Means to live off women).

Raymond Lam

Apart from Ron, Charmaine also flirted with Raymond at nighclubs, her advances were rejected by Raymond, but this did not stop Charmaine from sending provocative text messages to Raymond.

Joe Ma

Charmaine & Joe had rumours during filming of "Maiden’s Vow”. This May, it was reported that Joe visited Charmaine at her home.

Benny Chan

Rumours about Charmaine & Benny started after they collaborated for a movie in 2002. But because Benny had been photographed many times with other women at nightclubs, in 2006, Charmaine finally dumped Benny. But Benny was not willing to let Charmaine go, and even moved into the same apartment building as Charmaine.

Gallen Lo

During 2000, when Charmaine & Gallen were filming “Seven Sisters” the two were caught drinking out together.

Alex Fong

In 2002, Charmaine & Alex collaborated for "When Life Begins at Forty', Charmaine's boyfriend Benny Chan was away filming in mainland, Charmaine took the opportunity to invite Alex out to dinner.

Sunny Chan

In 1999, Sunny & Charmaine were filming "Detective Investigations IV", Charmaine hinted that they had feelings for each other, on the surface she called him "teacher", but was actually trying to flirt with him.

Gordon Lam

In 1999, Charmaine & Gordon developed feelings for each other while filming "Crimson Sabre", and even revealed that they were neighbours.

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