Monday, September 22, 2008

4th project album title song ‘Nobody’

WonderGirls‘ 4th project album title song ‘Nobody’ has leaked before its official release.

The song was set to be revealed on 22nd September. But on 21st September the full version of ‘Nobody’ has already been circulating on the internet. A Netizen then reported the news of the leak on 21st September.

A JYP Entertainment representative said on 21st at around 5pm, “We did not know about the leakout. It is less than a day from the official release of the song and it was leaked out. But we will look into this matter and find out the source of the leakout.”

On the other hand, WonderGirls left on 16th September for their fan signing and other activities in America and will be back on 25th September the official offline release of their 4th project album.

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