Sunday, September 07, 2008

Nicholas Teo and Amber KuoInvincible drama Shan Bao Mei

Nicholas Teo, Amber Kuo collaborated together on the idol drama "Invincible Shan Bao Mei", their relationship is caught up in all sorts of flavor, in the drama their characters are "Head to head enemies", yesterday the two fed each other "Shan Bao Rice", at the sing and sign function was a "Big Reconciliation"!

Nicholas and Amber held the "Invincible Shan Bao Mei" TV OST singing siging function, the two wore the drama costumes Kuso style in attendance, Nicholas riding a class old style 3 wheel bike, not only carrying Amber, on the bike was also 3 treasures [chicken, duck, goose], funny and interesting.

Earlier snapped by paparazzi of them going to a book store, were promoting gossips for the drama, Nicholas says, their interactions now have become a target, now once the two appear other than filming set, there'll be attraction of other eyesights, causing awkardness and not at ease.

In drama "Invincible", Amber and Nicholas are "enemies", not liking each other yet, the music company has decided to have them "reconciliate", prepared at the sing sign function, "sorrow at parting Shan Bao Rice", making the two sweetly eat one bowl, you a mouthful me a mouthful, to increase the relationship.

Amber laughed saying: "Our relationship is already well, filmed good while filming together, now we're also in the same record company, Nicholas is also my "younger brother", this is really funny, causing everyone to laugh at the scene!"

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