Sunday, September 07, 2008

Release new Mv from Super Junior

China's most in demand boy band finally has a new project.

After the the expanded promotions for U, Super Junior M finally announced they will be releasing a new promotional MV, θΏ· (Me).

According to the members, they filmed 3 Music Videos in one day including U and Me, therefore many Behind the Scenes caps of Me has been leaked onto Baidu but it was not until now that SM finally announced the upcoming release of Me.

However, no date has been set for the release.

Super Junior M was originally scheduled to perform Me Live for the first time on September 16th during the Asia Night Concert but their appearances has been canceled for the night. This sudden change of plans currently makes fans assume they will be performing Me for the first time during the 18th Qing Dao Beer Festival Ceremony instead, which will be on the 19th of this month.

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