Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The popular on air drama “Moonlight Resonance”

The popular on air drama “Moonlight Resonance” ended two nights earlier with its last episode. TVB has specially arranged the actors of the drama to dine and watch the drama with 600 viewers. According to yesterday’s viewer report survey, the last episode recorded a 47 points average viewing, and the peak rating is 50 points, which is the highest viewing point record ever of Hong Kong drama series since year 1991 and it is the same point rating as the top record year 2005 Korean drama “Jewel In The Palace”. The rating hit 50 points during the scene of Yu So Chau and “Aunt Red” and to celebrate the successful viewer rating result, TVB’s vice president of administration department Norman Leung, general manager Stephen Chan and the sponsors will hold celebrations starting from today till October.

Louise Li Jumped For Joy

As for the successful high viewer rating of the drama “Moonlight Resonance”, Louise Li happily replied: “I am excited till I jumped, this year is my happiest year. (Will you celebrate?) Probably, but I am not sure if the younger ones are free. (Does this increase your confidence of obtaining the “Movie Queen” award?) I did not think of it, being part of the drama is more than happy enough for me.” When asked about an earlier incident where a hospital made a mistake and removed a part of a women’s breast who does not have breast cancer, Louise Li regretted that nothing can be done after it happens as that women’s future is ruined but cannot lose confidence on Hong Kong’s medical services, she believes that there is a problem with the management. As for the statement made by Stephen Chan that he will not be participating in “Heart of Greed III”, Louise Li felt that the story of family property fights has reached saturated state, and should be stopped for some time. She also replied: “This day is the most memorable day for me, till I am old, till I close my eyes, I will be happy. (But will you be depressed?) No, as the drama “The Gem of Life” will hit the streets soon.”

Susanna Kwan and Michelle Yim agree for a rest

The casts of the drama felt that the drama should be stopped. Susanna Kwan felt those who participated needs a rest as everyone is so touched and thus time is needed for emotion recovery. Michelle Yim said: “A rest is needed but I am not disappointed as there are many dramas that I can participate.” But she admitted that her emotion is down during the airing of the last episode. Raymond Lam said: “Even if there are no plans to produce the third season, we are all in the same company and there is surely a chance for us to work together in the future. (Are you disappointed?) We have planned to dine together.” Wayne Lai feels that giving the viewers a memorable memory is a wise choice thus stopping the drama is a good thing. Yeung Yi replied: “Stop after a successful result, Steven is really clever.”

Ha Yu wants a challenge

Linda Chung mentioned that she was touched and tears fell when she saw “Aunt Red”, a role played by Michelle Yim admits her wrong doings but she likes the scene more where Kate Tsui learned what she done was wrong and also the scene where Moses Chan fell sick with Yeung Yi in the scene. She does not mind if season three will be discontinued. As for Ha Yu, he is alright with it but he wants a challenge with acting difficulties. He said: “The company mentioned this after a through thinking but it does not mean that the third season will not be produced next year. I am really interested to continue season three.” With the ending of “Moonlight Resonance”, it is not surprising that his emotion is down, that is why he flied to Canada to meet his family yesterday.

As for Raymond Lam who plays the role of “Goon Ga Jai”, he became the hot news of the world of dramas and he won the awards of “Best Actor” and “Most Popular Role” in an election. After knowing this news, he replied happily: “I am very thankful for everyone’s support, thank you all for loving the role that I played, I am very happy. (Did this increase your confidence to be the “Movie King”?) It really boosts my confidence as this drama series is well-known and many people are concerned with it, the viewer rating proves there are many viewers watching it. (Which actor do you think is a great challenger?) Ha Yu, Moses Chan, Gallen Lo and Bobby are all strong challengers but I am looking forward to work together with them.”
Besides that, during the viewing of the last episode, the casts and viewers at the viewing area were anxious and emotional, many scenes received applause from the viewers.

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