Thursday, September 25, 2008

Joey’s new MV was filmed at Tung Lung Island

In recent days, Joey has been extremely busy. After releasing an album, which she had no time to promote, she had to travel to Switzerland to film a music documentary. After arriving back in Hong Kong, she will stay a few days before travelling to North America to continue her World tour. During her few days in Hong Kong, she had used some of the time to shoot the music video for her second plug ‘Sleeping With The Butterflies’, so Joey has been really busy.

Joey’s new MV was filmed at Tung Lung Island (東龍島) which is a really remote location. Even though the song is about a male character who had passed away, Joey was being mischievous just before filming started. Whilst wearing a black evening gown, she was jumping and running around the edge of a cliff. She then tricked the workers by pretending to loose her footing which gave the workers a fright. As Joey was laughing, the workers said to Joey: “Don’t joke around! It’s dangerous!”. Joey then said “Aiya, I know I’m wrong la!”. Even though the work schedule was busy and she had to film near a cliff in temperatures over 30 degrees, but Joey still acted professionally and gave her full concentration during filming.

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