Monday, September 22, 2008

Taiwan singer and actress Angela Chang is back on the scene

Taiwan singer and actress Angela Chang is back on the scene after a half-year hiatus due to health problems. She served as one of the torch bearers in the run up to the Beijing Olympics and any lingering concerns about her health can now be fully put to bed. On today's "The List", we review Angela Chang's career.

Angela Chang was born in Taiwan in 1982, emigrating to Canada with her family when she was 12. She was fond of singing from an early age, attending many singing contests in Canada. 15-year-old Chang won first place at the "BBC Star" singing contest by belting out Chang Yusheng's popular song "The Days Without Smoking".

However, it was in Taiwan that Chang began to establish her professional music career. In 2001 Chang signed her first contract with an agent... spending the following year undergoing tough training: recording, dancing, running, swimming and other physical exercises. Chang didn't complain about the hardship because she knew all her efforts would be worth it the moment she stepped on stage.

Chang's extraordinarily powerful voice is a rarity among Chinese singers. Her early songs were tailored to capitalize on this advantage. In 2003, Chang's first album " Adventure of True Love" was released and her music style finally took shape.

Chang's first foray into the small screen came in 2002. She stood out from a dozen candidates and starred as the heroine in the TV drama "My MVP Lover".

Chang demonstrated an acting talent as impressive as her voice. Her popularity soared to new highs after portraying up-and-coming Asian diva Yi Tianbian in the TV drama "Romance in a Dolphinarium". She also sang the theme song of the drama, providing her with another hit tune.

Angela Chang is well on the way to becoming the most popular singer in Taiwan. As her albums come out one-by-one, die-hard fans find themselves mesmerized more and more by her songs and her cute face.

But the pressure of her new life as a superstar finally caught up with Chang last year. She became so exhausted that she decided to take a six month-long break in Canada. With her health restored, Chang is back and ready to write a new chapter of her singing career.

Angela has certainly always had the talent to stand out on her own, but in the crowded mando-pop world, music videos are so often critical to singers' success. Today, we'll take a look at some of the most popular MVs in the Chinese speaking world at the moment.

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