Thursday, September 25, 2008

Taiwanese idol series main actor Zheng Yuan Chang

Taiwanese idol series main actor Zheng Yuan Chang rose to fame in one night because of [The Rose] and because of [It Started With A Kiss] he is now famous all over Asia. Even a coffee shop in Korea is opened with his name. Maybe he has acted in too many idol series already and started to get bore so the main actor have decided to venture on to stage play, to test out whether he still got his charm or not.

Heard that in the coming November, there will be a world premiere in Shenzhen for the play [Life & Survival] and this will be Zheng Yuan Chang’s “first step” in stage play. The main cast for this play will mostly be Taiwanese. Will lead by Hong Kong’s famous actress Sylvia Chang with Hong Kong talented director Edward Lam’s finest creation, David Wang, Xie Ying Xuan, Kate Yeung, Zhu Hong Zhang and Huang Jian Wei will be among the cast. Got winds that Zheng Yuan Chang is now in the process of discussing about this collaboration; he is likely to take the leading male character role “Li Xiang”, a young passionate guy who will be sharing an older woman and younger man relationship.

Even though the title of the play [Life and Survival] seems to be very plain but the story plot is very explosive. Sylvia Chang will playing a divorcee who is in her 50s, she holds a very powerful position in the office. Her subordinate plus team mate and lover, David Wang has betrayed her love while they were in a heated battle of power. At that moment, a new guy arrived at the office “Li Xiang” and has fallen for Sylvia Chang. In order to prove his love for her, Li Xiang has takes on Sylvia’s instructions and pursues the boss’s daughter and later abandons the girl. Sylvia Chang is attracted to Li Xiang’s innocent and he has also ignited her conscious and led her to have inner struggle against her own actions. The kind-hearted Li Xiang was about to succeed in opening up Sylvia Chang’s consciousness… According to understanding, [Life and Survival] will start to have post-rehearsal and its production in November and will have their premiere on the following 27th and 28th November.

Edward Lam Dance Theater's Production
[Design for living]
Golden Horse Award Winning Actress Sylvia Chang plus
Talented Director Edward Lam
[The Rose], [It Started With A Kiss] Popular Idol Zheng Yuan Chang
[What is man?], [Passport] funny and the main with a thousand image, David Wang
The original production team from [Madame Bovary is Me]
Moved towards to the battle in the office, to bring out the imagination and future of the working groups

Career status
Earthquake from love
Tsunami financial crisis
Surviving at the edge of cliff, elegantly discussing about life
So who will be the final winner?

2008 December 3rd – 7th, 7:30pm
Beijing Poly Theater
Starring: Sylvia Chang, Zheng Yuan Chang, David Wang
Kate Yeung, Xie Ying Xuan, Zhu Hong Zhang, Zhuang Kai Xun, Huang Jian Wei, Lin Yu Ling, Wu Tian Wei, Chen Gong Min, Peng Hao Tai, Lin Yin Jie

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