Monday, September 22, 2008

TVB drama “Last One Standing” and “Moonlight Resonance”

TVB drama “Last One Standing” which is aired right after “Moonlight Resonance” will premiere officially on air at tomorrow night. Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng, Yoyo and lots more attended the drama premiere event yesterday. Kevin Cheng continues to be the center media attraction as there are recent rumors about him and Charmaine Sheh and his conflict with Hei Wong. Kevin Cheng cannot do anything, he admitted that this is not what he wanted and he smiled and replied that starting from the time he entered the entertainment industry till now, he did not encountered anything which is that “happening” as this month’s but this is not what he can controls. He has encountered such news as a junior till now and has adjusted to them for 15 years.

As for the news about Connie Chan Po-chu’s plan to visit a psychologist due to negative rumors, Kevin Cheng replied that he can still handle it and he has gone for some sport games with Roger Kwok to release stress. When mentioned about Niki Chow, he expressed that they are just friends. Kevin Cheng said: “We are just friends.” He also replied that he will not be embarrassed of meeting her.

Roger Kwok jokingly admits himself as a stress release partner

Roger Kwok acts as a antagonist in this drama and he smiled and replied that he will kept this drama safely kept away from his son until his son is mature enough. But recent rumors about him are quite “spicy”, he believes everything will be alright after the rumors ended. A reporter jokingly mentioned that maybe that is why Kevin Cheng decided to invite him for some sport games. Roger Kwok smiled and replied that he had become Kevin Cheng’s stress release partner.

Ekin Cheng has been chosen as “King of Movies”, his girlfriend, Yoyo replied that she did not watch that movie and she felt that the award is a bonus to Ekin Cheng, as being a nominated candidate is good enough. When asked if Ekin Cheng is her “King of Movies”, she smiled and replied: “I do not know how to answer, everyone should know the answer.” Besides that, Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu filmed a scene of the drama “Burning Flame III” at Lan Kwai Fong bar at Central, Hong Kong. The scene is about both Keving Cheng and Myolie Wu walking down the street and it attracted many people to view the filming of the scene. During the filming, Michael Miu passed by and he said hi to both of them.

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