Sunday, September 07, 2008

Upcoming movie “Butterfly Lovers” review

In the upcoming movie “Butterfly Lovers”, Wu Zun had to help Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) do a medical examination to identify whether she is male or female. When Charlene took off her clothes, Chun was quite speechless. When the director yelled ‘Cut!’ Charlene got very nervous and asked Chun, “What did you see?”

The very handsome and hot body Chun, for his first movie “Butterfly Lovers” he broke 3 “first times”. It was the first time he filmed a movie, it was his first time wearing traditional outfit and it was his first time filming a martial arts theme. Chun said, “This year, 2 months before the movie started filming, martial arts guide Chen Xiao Dong was busy with the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympics, and at the same time had to take some time out to teach me martial arts.” When Chun was 18 years old, he had already practiced 3 months of martial arts with some monks, hence his basic skills was not bad. Chen Xiao Dong wanted Chun to specialize in fencing skills and he said that, “To have the sword come out sharply, the focus should be steady and your eyes must be on the target.” Chen Xiao Dong designed 4 major fighting scenes for Chun in the movie. One of them was he had to fight 50/60 people by himself and he says that Chun can match with Keanu Reeves from “The Matrix”.

Action scenes depend on skill, and love scenes depend on feelings. Chun who plays Romeo and Charlene who plays Juliet, from “male, male love” to “male, female love” meet many obstacles on the way. When asked how Chun finds out that Charlene is a girl, he begins to laugh non-stop. When he finally controls himself, he says, “There was one scene when I accidentally saw her take off her clothes. At the time, all the staff and workers were instructed to ‘Turn around’ and it was only the director, film guy and me who was allowed to look while she took off her clothes. After filming that scene, Charlene kept asking me ‘You were looking so closely, what did you see?’ and I said, ‘I didn’t see anything!” Chun’s assistant immediately came to his assistance and said, “Charlene was wearing ‘Little Cuties’ , Chun really did not see anything la.”

However, after finishing filming “Butterfly Lovers”, Chun and Charlene have become good friends. Last week Charlene came to Taipei to film a MV, and Chun was happy to do some accompanying. Charlene originally wanted to eat Mala pot at the night markets, but Chun recommended not to, and it was then when they all went to eat at Harlem’s Taiwanese cuisine restaurant instead. Chun, who loves food, ordered a lot of food and was very content afterwards. On the subject of food, Chun said, “When my mother was alive, the thing she worried most about was that I would work too hard and not have time to eat. Now I work hard but I never forget to eat, I do take good care of myself so I want my mother in the heavens, not to worry about me.”

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