Sunday, September 07, 2008

First Japanese single "Stay with you" in Japan

Fahrenheit's development in Japan has shown success, this May Fahrenheit produced their first Japanese single "Stay with you" in Japan, that day they already stood on ORICON charts, their popularity is also rising as the tide increases. To fight into the Japanese market, Fahrenheit experienced local lifestyle, it was Arron's first as a job worker, not only did he dog sit, a paper delivery boy, made takoyaki (octopus balls), but after the experience he said: "I don't think I have the talent."

Arron's first job in Japan was as a paper delivery person, he arrived first thing in the morning, starting from folding advertisement flyers, at first he wasn't fast enough, causing his hand to be completely covered from the paper ink, then riding on a bike to deliver the paper, feeling it's hard work, he said laughing: "I really don't have much work experience, before in school he was a waiter at the coffee shop, then he became an artist, this times experience will be for all sorts of occupation, with no talent."

Continuing Arron then arrives at a flower shop to learn how to wrap flowers, he watched the store clerk tentatively, he wrapped up a flower bouquet personally for a customer, but was actaully yelled at by the Japanese person, "You've just wrapped all sorts of flowers in a bunch to not look like anything." The most interesting is to help the wealthy dog sit, Arron says, this type of job is really popular in Japan, workers can watch dogs and earn a salary, it was his first time hold onto 4 Golden Retriever dogs all at once to stroll, the small thin him, nearly had the dogs pull him to run, scarying him: "I think I'll be more suitable to raise expensive dogs."

He said at home they have one red poodle, after seeing Jolin having an allergic reaction on the face because of the dog hair, himself vain as usual now has kept the distance with the dog: "He can only sleep at the bottem foot of my bed".

Also Arron was in the Japapenes shrine's takoyaki cart, learning how to make takoyaki, he made a special bubble gum flavor takoyaki, the Japanese comedien artist was willing to try it, causing him to admire and bow: "I'm even reluctant to try, never thought the Japanese comedien is will to go through and eat it, really professional."

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