Monday, September 01, 2008

Yammie Nam Kit Ying at Eastern Hospital Mental Services

80's TVB actress Yammie Nam Kit Ying was taken into Eastern Hospital Mental Services again on the 24th August due to being mentally unstable. Yesterday was the 8th day she was in the hospital. The doctors did not allow her to leave the hospital and she had to continue to stay there. However yesterday she phoned "Ming Pao" and hoped they could help arrange for her to leave the hopsital.

When the reporter visited Yammie, she appeared quite thin but she seemed well. She took out a document and asked the reporter to read it. The document stated that the court had decided she needed to stay in hospital for 7 days for examinations due to being very mentally unstable. Yammie claimed that 7 days had passed and she was still not allowed to leave the hospital. She requested the reporter to arrange for her to leave as she felt better. She also stated she wanted to live overseas. When asked if her family had visited her she said they came a day ago.

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