Saturday, October 18, 2008

2008 Chow Tai Fok Mega Sale

Myolie and Kate attended "2008 Chow Tai Fok Mega Sale" promotion activities yesterday. The two of them were dressed in low cut sexy black with expensive jewelries. Myolie had a 54 carats diamond set worth $3 million and Kate also had 33 carats costing $2 million. Myolie was worried she might be exposed too much that she kept putting her hand over her top when she had her pictures taken.

She told reporters she is still looking for a nice evening gown for the TVB anniversary celebration. She wanted it be be nice and simple. Asked if she is not expected to win, Myolie replied "I leave it to the mature artists. We have 4 beautiful women, Louis Lee, Lee Heung Kam, Susannah Kwan and Michelle Yim." Myolie revealed that she has bought herself some jewelries and her mom also saved up a few for her future wedding. But she doesn't know when she will fulfill her mom's wishes. Asked if she had received any diamond jewelry from male friends, Myolie said "Yes, but I did not accept it because it was too expensive (Did Bosco give you any ?) no."

Myolie appeared at " Jade Solid Gold" the other night. She sang "Unwittingly fall in love with you" with Hacken Lee. It was her first time to sing with Hacken and she was very nervous. She felt there was a lot of pressure on her because Hacken is such a great singer. She was worried she might forget the lyric too. Myolie's new album will be released in November. Asked if she was hoping to win a prize, she replied "I am not even thinking about it. I assume I don't get anything that way I would feel better."

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