Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wu Chun and Charlene Brunei to promote their movie "Butterfly Lovers"

Wu Chun and Charlene (Ah Sa) returned to his hometown Brunei to promote their movie"Butterfly Lovers", this became Brunei's grand occasion, their attraction cause the Hong Kong media and the local media to struggle for an interview. Chun carefully returned to Brunei ahead of time, hours later he personally met ah Sa at the airport. To make things more grand, small gifts were delievered to the distinguish guests. The appearence of this pair of young boy and girl cause a frenzy at the airport, then they rushed to the theater and meet with fans.

 Ah Sa thought originally that their would be no fans since it was her first time in Brunei, but as soon as she arrived singer fans lifted up hugh Twins sign making ah Sa very happy. The movie company gave Chun two sets of costumes Chun immediately puts it on, and the careful ah Sa immediately help Chun reorganizes the clothes really much sweet. Local fans at the event also specially delivered a huge cake and sang the birthday song to make up for Chun's birthday, making Chun very moved.

 Wu Chun and ah Sa's traveling schedule is very tight, after leaving the theater they had to rush to another charitable activity, the scene also has 500 fans to wait for that two people to appear, the Brunei movie distributer will donate all the admission ticket's income to the local philanthropic institution to help the zi4bi4 syndrome child. Ah Sa and Chun hope that the movie will bring more children laughs and happiness!

 ah Sa would only be in Brunei for a day and was not able to view tourist spot, ah Sa said: “looking down from the airplane to the ground, I thought here (Brunei) is really rich! Each household are spread out and big, [if I] have time [I must] come again, and I hope I can immigrate to Brunei!”
Ah Sa said if she has the opportunity to come to Brunei again, will invite also Wu Chun to be her tour guide, and take her sightseeing.

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