Monday, October 27, 2008

Ariel Lin Yi Chen was nominated

Ariel Lin Yi Chen was nominated for the 'Best Actress Award' at this year's 'Golden Bell Awards' after starring in 'They Kiss Again'. On the 26th, in order to take the walk of fame, she chose 2 small dresses designed by Huang Shu Qi, in which there was 1 very low cut black dress. It was too revealing and that led her to feel uneasy, she said "I only wish to reveal my fingernails, teeth and ankle".

'They Kiss Again' was only shortlisted for one category - 'Best Female Actress Award'. Ariel Lin said that she wants to represent the whole crew, to ensure that this good drama will not be forgotten by everyone.

Faced with rivals like Joe Chen Qiao En and Rainie Yang Cheng Lin, everyone consoled her saying that in the event that she does not win the award, she can go downstage and kiss Joe Cheng. It will not only capture the attention of everyone, but at the same time she can promtote 'Love or Bread'. Ariel laughed and said "Won't it become 'My Desired Bread' then!".

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