Monday, October 27, 2008

Golden Bell Awards Golden Bell Awards

Joe Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan Jin Tian, Ariel Lin Yi Chen and Joe Zheng Yuan Chang will guest this year's Golden Bell Awards as screen lovers. It was reported that Rainie Yang Cheng Lin will be alone as Mike He Jun Xiang will not be attending, so she has prepared many different types of clothes which she will wear during the ceremony and when she sings songs from OSTs, portraying the theme of elegance and gracefulness on television.

A few days ago, a fortune teller predicted that there is a possiblity of Rainie Yang beating the most supported Joe Chen, stealing the title of 'Best Drama Actress' award. Originally, the organizers wanted her to give out the award together with Mike He, but after it was confirmed that Mike He will not be able to attend the awards, the burden of portraying an elegant and graceful performance fell on her shoulders. In order to ensure that the performance will be interesting, Ranie Yang stepped up on more secret practice reharsals recently.

Other than Raine Yang, Lin Mei Xiu, who got an invitation to be an award presenter due to her superb acting in 'Fated to Love You', will present the 'Best sound effects award' and 'Mini-series best supporting actress award' along with Yang Li Yin, who is also from Guo Guang Arts School.

To encourage citizens of Taiwan after showing their indefatigable spirit at the Olymic Games, Su Li Wen also received an invitation and will present the 'Programme Marketing Award' and 'Educational and Cultural Programme Award' alongside with Su Yi Hong.

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